Integrated, efficient, reliable and honest solutions that are built based on our years of experience in design, development, maintenance, and considering your diverse needs and requirements.

Our Services

  • Rooftop Solutions<span>ON- GRID</span>

    Rooftop SolutionsON- GRID

    On grid roof-top solar PV systems are installed for generating renewable power only when grid

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  • Rooftop Solutions<span> OFF- GRID (STANDALONE)</span>

    Rooftop Solutions OFF- GRID (STANDALONE)

    Off grid systems are those PV systems that have electrical energy storage mediums such as

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  • O&M Services

    O&M Services

    These annual maintenance and operations maintenance activities cover, comprehensive instantaneous trouble-shooting, corrective measures and preventive

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  • Net Metering Consultancy

    Net Metering Consultancy

    Net metering is a billing mechanism used to calculate and generates credits for surplus solar

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Our Products

  • Solar Water Pumps

    Solar Water Pumps

    These are off grid application of the solar SPV plants used for running the submersible

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  • Solar Home Lighting System

    Solar Home Lighting System

    We offer home lighting system in different configuration which requires less maintenance and are environment

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  • Solar Lanterns

    Solar Lanterns

    We have marked a distinct position in the market by providing excellent quality of solar

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  • Solar Street Lighting

    Solar Street Lighting

    We provide variety of Street lights models and technical specifications as per the requirements of

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